Seeking Your Previously-Loved or Imperfect Art!

About the Sale:

Jordan River Arts Council’s Board of Directors knows first hand: if you love art, you might have more than can hang on your walls or be displayed on your bookcases. Or maybe, like us, you have a few too many art supplies.  We are looking for your “extras” for this special JRAC Fundraiser!

Donations and consignments will be accepted.

How it works:

  • Email JRAC ( to let us know you are interested! (This isn’t required). 
  • Gather up your pieces. What should you gather? We provided some ideas in the next section.
  • Decide if you would like to have your pieces on consignment or are going to donate them to JRAC.
    • Consignment rates for this special sale will be 50% to the owner/artist and 50% to JRAC. You can opt to lower your percentage so that JRAC gets a more substantial donation from the sales.
  • If you are putting your pieces on consignment or would like a donation receipt for tax purposes, be sure to make a list of all items you are putting in the sale and their retail prices. We can email you a form upon request.
  • Put the sale price on your pieces. (We will retag as needed) If you are consigning pieces, your price tag should reflect the purchase price, not what you want to get for the item.
  • Drop off your work WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 10AM3PM or THURSDAY, MAY 23, 11AM2PM.
    • If you are donating items and unable to drop them off during drop-off times, please email us ( about possibly arranging for a pick-up. We are not able to accommodate pick-ups for consignments because there will be paperwork on-site for your to sign. 
  • Come to the sale to find something new for your collection! All donors and consignors are invited to the Member’s Only Day, Thursday, May 23 from 3pm – 6pm. 
  • Come back to pick up your work on Sunday, May 26th from 2pm- 5pm or Monday, May 27th from 10am – 1pm.
  • You will be mailed your check for the proceeds from your consignment sales. 

What type of art is accepted?

  • 2D or 3D works
  • Your own work
  • Work that you own, created by someone else
  • Pieces of art from your storage unit (you never did find a good home for that piece)
  • Artist Seconds (Potters- need a place to sell some of those pieces with imperfect glaze?)
  • Imperfect Art (just not up to par with what you want to have in your exhibit booth?)
  • Slightly damaged pieces (That piece with the dented frame from your last move)
  • Paintings with broken glass (it’s hard to find time/remember to take it to get new glass!)
  • Prints that have never been framed (grab that stack of “I’ll frame and hang these someday” from your closet)
  • Valuable Art you’ve decided to part with 
  • Art from any decade
  • All types of handmade jewelry
  • 1/2 used, but still good, paint tubes
  • Old paint brush sets
  • Glass pieces for fused or stained glass
  • Jewelry making supplies
  • Beads
  • Beads from broken jewelry (It’s been three years, you’re not going to restring that necklace…)
  • Art supplies from mediums you no longer do (not making clay beads? Bring us your modeling clay)
  • Old sketchbooks (we all have 6 of them. Maybe time to tear out the three pages we used and donate the sketchbook)
  • And anything else you consider art or art supplies!